Education is the foundation
on which a bright future is built.

Mattie C. Stewart

Mattie C. Stewart


The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to increasing the high school graduation rate. We work diligently to educate, engage, and equip students with tools to impart the importance of obtaining an education.

There are some things in life that have an impact far beyond their initial impression. A cherished collection of quotes being a case in point. Although not the crafted words of an extensive education, they are nonetheless remarkable for their simple truth and profound effect. We, us and others can make one idea work – when Samuel Stewart wrote that sentence, he had no idea it would become the catalyst for his brother, Shelley, and create so much good through the work of The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation.

The Foundation is a national non-profit organization created in 2007 in honor of Dr. Stewart’s late mother, Mattie C. Stewart. By putting into action her son Samuel’s idea that we can all make a difference, The Foundation is dedicated to reducing the national dropout rate. In creating tools and resources for educators, community leaders and parents, The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation has developed innovative strategies to more effectively address this issue.

The dropout rate in the U.S. is a national crisis, requiring unconventional approaches for reaching our youth. The Foundation has earned nationwide respect for breakthrough endeavors such as The Choice Bus and the InsideOut documentary. These projects show the dedication of The Foundation to take a unique approach in order to reduce the dropout rate. In keeping with the collaborative nature of, We, us and others, The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation is committed to working with others to produce the tools and resources that promote graduation. Each success is a new addendum to Samuel’s collection.