1. Become A Partner

Our foundation works in collaboration with financial partners and community partners to drive our mission of increasing the graduation rate. Having strong, engaged partners is a key element of our success.

2. Make A Donation

Your donation fuels our ability to reach students, educators, and communities. It also helps our organization increase its awareness, reach and impact.

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By helping to spread our message and bring awareness to the drop out epidemic, you are contributing to our mission to increase the graduation rate in United States. Every follow, like, comment and share are small actions that can collectively have a huge impact.

4. Donate Your Birthday

Make your birthday even more meaningful by starting a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. Celebrate the power and impact that education has on students across the nation.

5. Join AmazonSmile

If you're looking for a simple, automatic way to continue supporting our foundation, you should start your Amazon shopping at smile.amazon.com. You shop as you normally would on the site, at no extra cost to you, and you don't need to make a separate account. Amazon donates a percentage of each purchase to a nonprofit of your choice.

6. Make A Purchase

100% of the proceeds from sales go directly to programming.