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The March on Washington Film Festival and the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation

The March on Washington Film Festival, a nonprofit organization, is returning to Washington, D.C., July 15-25, 2015. The festival strives to celebrate and increase awareness of the events and heroes of the Civil Rights Era and inspire renewed passion for activism. The festival leverages the broad appeal of film, music and the arts to tell these vital stories, and attracts an audience that is diverse in age, class and ethnicity. - Click to read full article.

A Teacher’s Impact Lasts a Lifetime

“It was like walking from darkness into the light,” Dr. Shelley Stewart recalls his first day of school.

Many impressive personal achievements fill his 80 years. However, walking into school and meeting his first grade teacher is memory that still burns bright.

Ms. Mamie Labon Foster, a young first grade teacher, brought hope and inspiration into the life of a boy who had already experienced a lifetime’s worth of hurt and hardship. It was her hug, reassurance, and fervent belief in the power of reading and education that set him on a path of achievement. - Click to read full article.

State Farm

“BIRMINGHAM, AL – A grant from State Farm to The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation means thousands of students all over Texas will learn the life-saving impact of staying in school. State Farm provided a 2015 Good Neighbor Citizenship grant to The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation to roll out tools such as The Choice Bus, Learn2Earn and the InsideOut Toolkit.

Students will have the opportunity to experience The Choice Bus, a half-prison cell, half-classroom converted school bus, along with the Learn2Earn Booklet, a financial literacy curriculum and the InsideOut Toolkit, which consists of a Teacher’s Guide, a Stay in School Pledge Card and the InsideOut documentary – a 26-minute DVD that exposes the true life story of prison inmates and the long-term consequences that dropping out of schools has caused. - Click to read full article.

PDF - Download the full article.

Terri Sewell

“I want to applaud the Mattie C. Stewart foundation for their commitment to our country’s youth through their work with InsideOut and The Choice Bus program. Programs like these touch our young people at a critical age and paint a picture of potential consequences after dropping out of school,” Congresswoman Terri Sewell said. “When our young people make the choice to put their best foot forward and complete their education, the possibilities are endless. Staying in school is a choice, and we should be doing all that we can to help young people make the right choice.”

Auburn Antibullying

Antibullying Summit, June 18-19, 2015 | Peachtree City, Georgia

The mission of the Auburn University Anti-Bullying Summit is to facilitate action-oriented conversations via a premiere conference designed to share information, current thinking, and research about a serious problem facing our schools and communities-bullying. The conference is designed to create on-going local, state, and national coalitions for Pre K-12 educators, higher education faculty and administrators, student leaders, mental health practitioners, researchers, community leaders, policymakers, and other professionals who are engaged in on-going work to address Pre K-20 bullying and cyber-bullying in learning environments. The Summit has been approved for 1 PLU by Georgia and Alabama Departments of Education.

The Choice Bus Makes National News on FOX

The Choice Bus visits Headland Middle School in Headland, Alabama

The Choice Bus visits Weaver High School in
Weaver, Alabama

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