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The Inspiration of Our Foundation

Dr. Stewart has had his fair share of life-shaping moments. Often described as tragic, each event ultimately resulted in something triumphant. Born in the insular world of the segregated South in the 1930s, he knew firsthand the Depression-era trademarks of poverty and hunger. To that, he also added the terrifying ordeal of witnessing his mother’s murder at the hands of his father. Abuse and homelessness soon followed.

Shelley Stewart might well have ended up as so many have, a victim of circumstances, had it not been for one insatiable trait. Reading. The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation is founded on an idea that Dr. Stewart knows better than most – the greatest tool a person can possess is education. To that end, he created The Foundation to tirelessly promote literacy, because it is the core solution to keep kids in school and out of trouble.

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The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation
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